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 The aim of the working group „Lobbying“ is to brief political institutions and opinion leaders about the advantages of using composites, their performance and innovation potential in order to achieve automated mass production. Germany is being established and positioned as leading supplier country of lightweight applications with composite materials as key technology which significantly supports the country´s economic growth. The group is focused on the  promotion of innovations and technologies, on the improvement of further automatisation of processes and production through targeted knowledge transfer, as well as on the implementation of standards and standardisation along the entire value chain - from the fiber to the production process over the component and further on to the recycled material, suitable for re-use.

Composites Germany with its four member trade associations, thus over 820 member companies and research institutions, is the largest association and network in Europe, representing the entire composites industry. The market development in the automotive industry towards electric mobility, the high competitiveness as well as energy and ressource efficiency of composites compared to traditional material like steel or aluminium and the creation of sustainable jobs are further compelling arguments for the use of composites.



Responsible for the Working Group:


Dr. Reinhard Janta -  „With commitment to our members, we support the fragmented, medium-sized sector to position composites as key technology in order to prevent the industry from migrating to other countries.“

Dr. Janta is Member of the board of Carbon Composites - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Members of the working-group:

  • Dr. Walter Begemann
  • Dr. Gunnar Merz
  • Dr. Elmar Witten




>> Positions of the trade association Composites Germany in the industrial policy dialogue on lightweight construction - Link to the paper