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Welcome to Composites Germany!

With their trade association “Composites Germany”, the three strong organizations in the German lightweight / fiber composite industry want to strengthen the German composite industry particularly in the field of research, determine common positions and take overlapping interests into account.

AVK- Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK), Leichtbau Baden-Württemberg and Hybrid Lightweight Technologies - A working group within VDMA are bundling their powers to further the future oriented themes high performance composites and automated production technology which are particularly relevant in Germany.



>> Results of the 19th Composites Market Survey now available!


Expanding the network as Leichtbau Baden-Württemberg joins the association

On 1 June the trade association Composites Germany expanded its network as it was joined by the lightweight construction company Leichtbau Baden-Württemberg (Leichtbau BW). “It really is a natural fit. Lightweight construction is a game changing technology that will continue to gain in significance, while taking into account the current focus on climate protection. It perfectly supplements the portfolio of Composites Germany, creating sustainable synergies for the existing partners and their members. We look forward to working with the association, and we are confident that it will bear fruit – locally, nationally and internationally,” says the Managing Director of Leichtbau BW, Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger.

In the future, Composites Germany will focus not only on meeting the interests of manufacturers and processors of composite components, but also on the interaction with other materials in hybrid lightweight construction applications.

Please read here the full press release.


Trade association Composites Germany and Composites United e.V.
Expansion of strategic focus of Composites United – termination of membership in Composites Germany

Berlin. The trade association Composites Germany was founded by the four powerful organisations in the German composites industry in 2013: the AVK Federation of Reinforced Plastics, Carbon Composites (CCeV), CFK-Valley and the VDMA Working Group on Hybrid Lightweight Construction Technologies. Two of the four founding members of the trade association Composites Germany – CFK Valley and Carbon Composites – united to form Composites United in 2019. Owing to the new strategy of Composites United, their focus is no longer identical with the vision or mission of Composites Germany. Composites United has therefore decided to leave Composites Germany on 1 June 2020.

Nevertheless, both parties will continue to collaborate on issues that concern them both, and will also support each other in advising the government.




Current figures on the composites market are available in the Composites Market Report 2020 by AVK.

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   >Positions about the industry-political lightweight construction dialogue: Germany must become a leading supplier Link to the paper



Bild1Standardization is currently one of the key focuses of the work of Composites Germany. By coordinating the activities of its member organizations, Composites Germany generates greater power for promoting and achieving the objectives of the industry. To increase the transparency of the standards relevant to the composites industry, Composites Germany has commissioned the German standards organization DIN to create a "standardization portal". In partnership with DIN, this website provides information on national, European and international standards for fibre reinforced plastics that have been published or are under development. This new and unique source of information for the composites market supports the existing standardization conducted by Composites Germany and can be found now here: Standardization portal composites