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The four strongest organizations in the German fiber composite industry founded a joint umbrella group on the 18th of July 2013: In the future they will form the trade association “Composites Germany”.

Founding members of Composites Germany, headquartered in Berlin, are AVK- Federation of Reinforced Plastics e.V. (AVK), Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV), CFK Valley Stade e.V. (CFK-Valley) and Hybrid Lightweight TechnologiesA working group within VDMA (VDMA).

The purpose of the new umbrella organization is to strengthen the German composite industry particularly in the field of research, to determine common positions and to take overlapping interests into account. The member organizations keep their independence. Especially for the future oriented themes high performance composites and automated production technology which are particularly relevant in Germany, the power will be bundled.

Vision (Summary)
  • Germany is the leading supplier of composite materials throughout the lightweight construction industry.
  • The automated mass production of composites is a key technology for lightweight construction in German industry.
  • In our role as the industrial federation "Composites Germany" network, we are the voice of the composite industry, combining interests and creating synergy along the complete value creation chain.
  • We support and promote the constant development of energy- and resource-efficient processes and products, in order to use the extraordinary innovation potential of composites, leading not only the traditional but also the top-class performance applications to their final breakthrough.
  • To build up representation of interests
  • To promote innovation & technologyneues Bild Vision Mission 2
  • To develop new markets & new value creation chains
  • To encourage and drive forward education development and further training


Composites Germany is a member of the  EuCIA  





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