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Presentation events

Here you will find information and links that lead to public events, which will be organized by Composites Germany or where they will be a co-organizer.

Date: 11. Oktober 2023
Venue: online


Several issues may cause uncertainties in plastics production – for instance, deviations in material batches, humidity, temperature, machine calibration, and more. At the same time, recycling challenges and calls for higher levels of sustainability characterize the current plastics industry. A NETZSCH corporate venture provides a data-driven manufacturing solution that supports plastic processing players to increase their productivity in real-time by characterizing material behavior in sync with machine and cavity.
Speaker: Cornelia Beyer , NETZSCH Process Intelligence GmbH

Date: October 19, 2023
Venue: online, CU

Program & Registration

The already 2nd edition of the successful CU Innovation Day “Tailored Structures” focuses on the lightweight design of fibre-reinforced composites (FRP) based on minimal material usage. Exploiting the anisotropic properties of unidirectional composites plays a key role in this respect. At the event, recent developments in the design, manufacture, and use of such ultra-lightweight structures will be presented and discussed with international partners from science and industry. This will form the basis for sustainable and resource-conserving product development of future lightweight FRP applications.

The event will be held in English language.