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On 1 June the trade association Composites Germany expanded its network as it was joined by the lightweight construction company Leichtbau Baden-Württemberg (Leichtbau BW). “It really is a natural fit. Lightweight construction is a game changing technology that will continue to gain in significance, while taking into account the current focus on climate protection. It perfectly supplements the portfolio of Composites Germany, creating sustainable synergies for the existing partners and their members. We look forward to working with the association, and we are confident that it will bear fruit – locally, nationally and internationally,” says the Managing Director of Leichtbau BW, Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger.

In the future, Composites Germany will focus not only on meeting the interests of manufacturers and processors of composite components, but also on the interaction with other materials in hybrid lightweight construction applications.

Participation in Composites for Europe

Marc Kirchhoff, Chairman of the VDMA Working Group on Hybrid Lightweight Construction Technologies, comments on the forthcoming trade show Composites for Europe: “As in previous years, Composites Germany will have its own pavilion at Composites for Europe in Stuttgart, from 10 to 12 November, and will be organising the Innovation Forums in the exhibition halls.” High-calibre speakers will be reporting on innovations and new applications in the areas of transport, construction & infrastructure, sports & leisure and the circular economy. Furthermore, the presentations will include the Technology Camp on Innovations in Lightweight Construction, organised by Leichtbau BW.

A powerful network in Germany and Europe

“Composites Germany is pleased to welcome Leichtbau BW as a new member, so that we can benefit from its support. We represent the German composites industry in Europe through active membership in the European umbrella organisation EuCIA, where we are the largest national network,” says Dr. Michael Effing, Chairman of the Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) and of Composites Germany. Composites Germany also had a major hand in developing the EuCIA Lifecycle Assessment Tool, which is free for all processors and enables them to assess the environmental impact of component manufacturing. One focal area at the moment is producing recycling policies and solutions for European composites manufacturers.

Composites Germany is closely involved in the committees of the Lightweight Construction Initiative, set up by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, as well as in the industrial advisory board and the strategy group for the regional organisations.

  • Increasingly low-key assessment of business situation
  • Slight increase in positive expectations for the future
  • Somewhat subdued investment situation
  • Growth drivers developing at different rates
  • Composites Index still at low level

This is the fourteenth time that Composites Germany ( has identified the latest KPIs for the fibre-reinforced plastics market. The survey covered all the member companies of the three major umbrella organisations of Composites Germany: AVK, Composites United and the VDMA Working Group on Hybrid Lightweight Construction Technologies.

As before, to ensure a smooth comparison with the previous surveys, the questions in this half-yearly survey have been left unchanged. Once again, the data obtained in the survey was largely qualitative and related to current and future market developments.

Please read here the full press release.

In-depth insights into the GRP market will be presented this year at the beginning of the fifth ICC during Composites Europe 2019 in Stuttgart. Dr Elmar Witten from the Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) will start with an overview of market developments and trends in Europe and the world. His presentation will be followed by a close look at the composites market in the United Kingdom, this year’s guest country of the ICC. Sue Halliwell from Composites UK and Nigel O’Dea from Lucintel will present facts and figures of the fibre-reinforced plastics market and will also explain the most essential trends and specific features of the composites market in the UK. Next, there will be a close look at the market in the United States. Dan Coughlin from the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) will present an overview of the market in one of the world’s biggest economies and will also look at the trends of the future.

One major trend will then be outlined by Dr Christine Eisenmann from the DLR Institute of Transport Research in her keynote presentation on automobility from the perspective of transport research. On average, people in Germany are covering half of all journeys by car, and the market is currently still growing, although it is in a continuous state of flux. This leads to opportunities that need to be grasped. Dr Christine Eisenmann will be discussing current research based on a range of key concepts, such as automated driving, electric vehicles, renewable fuels and car sharing schemes.

After the joint start of this year’s conference, delegates can choose between two thematic areas: Building & infrastructure and New Mobility/Transportation. The second day will focus on thermosets and thermoplastics as well as process technologies and bio-based composites. The third day will conclude the conference with talks on regulations and new applications. Thanks to the new concept of ICC 2019, there will be many opportunities to leverage synergies from the trade show that is held in parallel. For example, applications can be shown in practice, thematically guided tours can be conducted around the trade show, and, in particular, it will be possible to chat and network with others.

Further details about the conference and the various options for taking part can be found at:

Please find here the press release pdf file.